Dumna Tribe; Chief Robert Ledger

''It has been a pleasure to work with Lotis. They show so much respect to our tribe. It is great to have Mr. Miles Walz-Salvador, with his great expertise and experience in working with the Dumna Tribe.''

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma

''The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma would like to thank Lotis for such comprehensive reports. It makes our jobs so much easier when all the pertinent information is available and easy to find.''

Kaw Nation

''I would also like to note that the reports that Lotis generates are some of the best in the industry. They are very easy to read and very easy to process. We greatly appreciate it. ''

Lease Advisors

''My company has been working with the Lotis Engineering Group for over two years. They are our preferred vendor for our Phase 1 ESA needs in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. The environmental reports are concise and provided in a timely manner. Lotis has knowledgeable and friendly staff, and provides world-class service.''


“I have been working with David and the Lotis team for all 10 years of the Company’s growth. Lotis remains the most professional environmental engineering group we have worked with across the United States as well as the most hard working. When David provides his commitment that an assessment will be done by a certain date, I never needed to worry about it. Furthermore, when the results came back and if there were issues that needed to be resolved, Lotis provided us with guidance and expertise which was invaluable. Lotis has probably performed 3,000 environmental site assessments for me and, in the process provided me significant confidence around the diligence process. David and the Lotis team represent true partners to the business and I look forward many more years of working together.”


“When partnering with a contractor, I look for a company that knows their discipline and understands mine. With Lotis, I not only get that but I also get a streamlined process that I don’t have to babysit. Potential problems are identified at the earliest of stages and Lotis gives me solutions. The NEPA process can be frustrating in many aspects but I can rest assured that Lotis will not just sit back and wait on the mandated timelines that none of us understand anyways. It has been a pleasure working with David Robinson and his group and I look forward to partnering with them well into the future”